Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas! from Shanghai and NYC!

I am very overdue with my blog, as I have been busy traveling and celebrating the holiday season with my friends and family in New York.  It's been great catching up with all of the people I hold near and dear to my heart.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to fly home and spend the holidays with my family.  Yesterday was especially great, as I spent the day at my grandmother's house.  She just turned 80 years old over the summer, and despite some hip/knee issues, she is as perfect as ever, whippin' up our Christmas favorites, like "Nanny potatoes" and ambrosia.  I really love my family and friends so much.  I wish I could take all of the wonderful/romantic things about Madrid, mix it with the modern/fast-paced life of Shanghai, and live among my family and friends everyday. 

The best part of my trip so far has been the Italian Christmas mass at St. Rocco's in Glen Cove.  It was so lovely and peaceful; I really felt His presence, and I really felt connected to the spirit of Christmas.  I miss my Grandma Michelina so much whenever I go to mass, as she used to bring me all the time as a little girl.  Mi manchi mi nonna tanto!!

I hope that wherever you spent Christmas, you felt peace and were surrounded by the love and presence of Christ.  Grace be unto you!

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