Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter wonderland throughout the tri-state area..

Charming, historic Milleridge Inn, in Jericho, NY, built in 1672.
It's just as wonderful as I remember it being from childhood.

I absolutely loved this fruit tree in the children's toy shop!

Every building is a different store and theme.

Funny surprised snowman from my dinner at Hemmingways with my friends and mom.
On my way to Bethlehem, PA, in search of more Christmas charm and fun!
Beautiful Manhattan from Brooklyn side. 

Williamsburg Bridge--scariest bridge ever!  More narrow than the 59th street bridge!
Most wonderful sign of my journey!  I love the old buildings of LES!
Bethlehem, PA--so quaint and charming!

This reminds me of the bridge in Toledo, where I visited last Christmas.
I love the style of Federalist buildings!

Irish wedding dress in the Irish store.  I didn't know brides wore plaid!
Adorable kids store.. love the colorful banner!
Lovin' this ballerina tree! Maybe for next year?? :)
Creepy old fashioned characters.. not a fan of keeping dolls in the house.
Inside the Movarian Bookstore and Cafe.. LOVE the bunting and poinsettia plants! and of course, the famous Movarian star!

Beautiful nativity scene in the Hotel Bethlehem
The town holds a "front-door decorating contest" for the stores along Main Street. The displays were beautiful, and I loved the happy spirit of the people "oohing" and "ahhing" at each door.
Love this little saying.  Here's to my fellow pilgrims, travelers and explorers!

WOW! People out on the street, socializing face to face! No cell phones in sight! It's like Europe!
Homemade vegan chocolate

Baked oreos... SOOOOOO GOOOODDD!!!
Is this a psychological or physical head exam?? Sounds like Chinglish.
This dog was so fluffy and adorable!!

My favorite building of the whole village!
On the I-78, returning to NY.  Lovin' the rural countryside and BLUE SKY without pollution!! :)
Shops in Greenwich, CT.  High on charm and prices!! Yikes!


Driving further north up to Orange, CT to visit my aunt and cousins.
Driving off to the neighbor's house to go snowboarding in their backyard!
Una casa super americana y linda!!
Winter wonderland!  First time seeing snow in 2 years! I stayed outside just admiring the view for a long time!

My cousin Padraig, the professional snowboarder!! It was his first time using his new snowboard that he got for Christmas.  He is so smart, too!  He was having trouble figuring it out, but he didn't give up and self-assessed what to do to improve his performance (ah! PE talk right there!)

Post card perfect!
Back to Greenwich to visit with my good friend Jessica, her husband Silvio and his children, Junior and Francesca.
It was the best dinner I've had all vacation, since Silvio cooked a beautiful Italian dinner, complete with homemade pasta and fresh seafood.  Junior and Francesca were adorable, asking very intelligent questions about life in Shanghai, and offering me donuts, chocolate and coffee after dinner. I really feel most at home in Europe, and it was wonderful to spend a great cozy winter night with them, and I fully enjoyed the Italian atmosphere.

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