Sunday, February 1, 2015

Travel in the Med....

Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!

A friend of mine asked me for some travel advice to Greece today, and our conversation took me away to wonderful summer memories! Since it's a rainy day here in Shanghai today, I'm going to pretend that it's a sunny summer day, and tell you a little bit about my experiences traveling in Greece.

My friend was specifically interested in Santorini. I think Santorini is beautiful and postcard-perfect, but very touristy. If you still insist on going for the "Disney"-like experience, I recommend staying in Oia. It's in the northwest corner of the island. There are cheaper "mom and pop" style hotels in the center of the island, and you can easily get around if you rent a scooter. However, the hotel called Katikies cannot be missed if you want a luxury experience in the center of all of the action. AH-MAZING. 

Sunrise in Santorini, Summer 2013

I've also been to Mykonos, Kefalonia, and Corfu. Each island is beautiful and unique in their own right. Mykonos is like a little Ibiza, with parties in every corner of the island, every night, throughout the entire summer season. There are young people EVERYWHERE. A unique thing I liked about Mykonos is that it's so windy there-you can stay on the beach and tan all day without getting hot. 
Mykonos, Summer 2013

Kefalonia has the most beautiful beaches I've seen in Greece, and it's so much cheaper than any of the other islands; I think I had the most authentic "Greek" experience there. 

Memories of drinking an afternoon espresso on the terrace of this older man's house/restaurant while petting this kitten and watching the sunset come to mind. 

Cat of Kefalonia, Summer 2014

Last but not least, Corfu has it all; beach, city, mountains, plus beautiful shopping boutiques. Santorini and Mykonos only had little shops selling overpriced junk made in China like magnets and I Love Greece bags. 

I have to say though, if you want an AMAZING vacation on BEAUTIFUL beaches that have not been destroyed by tourism, and get the most bang for your buck, go to Vlore, Albania! 

Albania, Summer 2014

You can easily rent a car and drive down their west coast and see the most wonderful beaches, people and sunsets. Hotels are only $40/night, fresh dinners with local ingredients from local farmers for only $15, versus Greece, where they use the Euro and it's really expensive; $120Euro for a hotel ("cheap" one) and 75E only for appetizers!

Well, that's all the day-dreaming I have time for today! This week is a busy week for me, as I am off to Boston, USA to present at a physical education convention, and network with hundreds of teachers from all over the world. I'm looking forward to learning great new games, tips and tricks to improve my teaching practice and my students' learning experience.

I hope it's sunny and warm wherever you are in this beautiful world! If not, take a moment and daydream! ;)

Ibiza, Summer 2014

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive week! 

<3 paz. amor. felicidad siempre

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