Fitzness Friday_No Equipment? No Problem! Strength Training without Equipment

Your new Friday mantra:

- Exercise is fun
- Exercise is for everyone
- Exercise improves one’s quality of life
- Exercise makes your brain function more efficiently
- Exercise is good for society

Here is a quick strength training circuit* that can be done at any time, any where:

(Upper Arm)
Deltoids (Shoulders)
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3
  1.     Sumo Squats
  2.     Step Back Lunge
  3.     Jump squats
  1. .  One Leg Pushups
  2. ·  Two point Bridge
  3.     Standard pushups

  1.    Tricep Dips with legs in tabletop
  2.     Tricep Dips with legs extended
  3.     Diamond push-ups

  1.     Tripod
  2.     Bridge
  3.   Shoulder Stand
  1.     Mason Twist
  2.     Leg Raises
  3.     Plank 

*to get the most bang for your workout minute:

Round 1: 40 reps/seconds
Round 2: 30 reps/seconds
Round 3: 20 reps/seconds

Any questions, please ask!

I can be reached via Skype for personalized instruction.


Have a great weekend!

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