Vegetarian/Vegan Food in Madrid!

It seems almost impossible to believe, in the city of jamón serrano, that a lovely natural foods store could exist in a commercial area of southern Madrid, but one does!!

This beautiful little gem is in the neighborhood of Príncipe Pío, which is located near Casa de Campo and Palacio Real.  "El Vergel" is also a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but I came to this shop to find all natural beauty products, and some flavored tofu.  Luckily, I found both!  

El Vergel also had a large selection of animal-friendly cleaning products.  For the most part, food was bottled in glass jars (yay! no BPA-lined cans!) and they also had a large selection of Asian and Turkish food.  I've been dying to make cupcakes since finding out while teaching that Spaniards don't make Christmas cookies or cupcakes as children--so deprived, these people! :)  Imagine how happy I was when I saw El Vergel carried cake mix!

But I got less excited when I saw the cake mix was almost 6 Euros!?!? I have to say, that was the only unfortunate thing about El Vergel, but that's always the case with natural food stores.  We all have to start voting more with our wallets for healthier products than supporting companies that manufacture processed foods!

Also worth mentioning was the cute Arabic tea shop a few doors down.  I love when different cultures can co-exist peacefully!  Pictures are below.

So I leave you with this thought today... Do your part to stop animal cruelty and try to abstain from animal products!  It's a small effort that will influence worldwide, effective change.

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