Spring, shopping and snacking...

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday!
I don't know about you, but I cannot believe how quickly February has come and gone!
Soon, SPRING will be here!!  I can't wait to eat outside on my patio, take my dog for longer walks, and enjoy warmer days outside!
The morning sun on my commute, trying to warm up the city!

In the meantime, the winter chill means more time spent indoors.  That includes grocery SHOPPING from the comfort of my warm office.  I have to take a moment and shout out Shanghai grocer, "Kate and Kimi".  They have made my life 100% easier here in Shanghai by offering same day grocery delivery and offering the convenience to pay with cash on delivery. 

All I have to do is click what I want from my office in the morning, and then arrive home in the evening to fresh food, waiting to be prepared and eaten.

No more impulsive, expensive purchases at the supermarket, or wasting time waiting on a long line at the cashier, or precariously balancing heavy groceries on my scooter as I ride home in the rain and cold.

Anytime I can automate a chore in my life, I jump at the opportunity!

Here is my order from this week's purchase.
YIKES!  The chia seeds are EXPENSIVE!

I really love the Kate and Kimi webpage for the ease of use.  I love the convenience of clicking "reorder" and voila! A tedious chore is done!
My doggie is eyeballing the yummy food.. He's always looking for bananas to eat!

Do you purchase your groceries online?  Why or why not?  Tell me more in the comments below!

Here is a healthy SNACKING option you can try, conveniently stored in a Mason jar (remember that expensive $10 jar of pasta sauce from this post?  Well, at least I can justify the cost of the sauce by re-using the jar!).  I wasn't really convinced of the necessity of the Mason jar, but now I realize the jar keeps the ingredients from getting soggy, like they would if they were stored in a Tupperware.

#vinaigrette #onions #whitebeans #apple #cucumber #lettuce #meatfree #cleaneating

Well, that's it for today!  Health and happiness to you and yours, wherever you are in this beautiful world!

FITZness Friday.. add some novelty to your workout!

Hey everyone!  I am not posting a video workout today, because I am on my way back to Shanghai. I'm actually in the air right now, using the plane's wifi!  How cool is that???

So with 14 hours to kill, I've been playing with some fitness applications that I have downloaded.

One of them is called, "Decide Now".  I give it two thumbs up for both the novelty and the ease of use.  Here's one of the "Wheels of Exercise" I created:

I see this application also being used to create a wheel of healthy after-school snacks for children (maybe they'd be more convinced to eat carrot sticks if the wheel told them to do so), and to create a wheel of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options for the whole family.  I imagine a family's commitment to healthy eating would be greater, if everyone in the family were able to offer their favorite food to the wheel.

So, how do you see yourself using "Decide Now" to address your physical health domain?

Thanks again for reading this post. I know how busy you are, so to be sure you don't miss more wellness tips, subscribe today and download your free copy of my e-book.

Enjoy your day!

Bathroom signs of Asia...

Bathroom etiquette in Asia is definitely one aspect of life that leaves much to be desired.  It's an exciting day in the bathroom when there is soap and toilet paper in a public facility, and when there are no footprints on toilet seats.  Yes, people STAND on the toilet bowl, because it is a Western invention, and they are used to using squattie-potties.

So, without further ado... here's a little humor to lighten up your day!

I'm all for civilization progressing forward!

Meat Free Meal__Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti is a classic Italian-American quick dinner dish.  

Here are the steps to prepare a delicious, meat-free version.  Enjoy!

Hopefully, jarred pasta sauce in your neighborhood doesn't cost $10 a bottle!

Whole wheat pasta

Progress in Shanghai!  After 4 years here, I can finally find Ricotta cheese (although the consistency was a little strange).

I'm not a fan of processed cheese, but we make do with what we have access to, in Shanghai!

Oops I only remembered after we started eating, that I forgot to take a picture of the final product!
Sharing meals with people you love always makes a meal taste great!

Health and happiness to you and yours, wherever you are in this beautiful world!

Keep children healthy!

Families who eat together stay healthy together!

Outdoor Play

Is among the greatest gifts we can give our children.

My friend's son playing in the snow after this month's blizzard

Healthy, adventurous and curious children are among the greatest gifts we can give our communities.

Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong this past October.  I'm thankful for their bravery and for their faith in democracy!

One day we'll get there...

Meat FREE weekend__I miss my kitchen!

Meat FREE weekend... Life on the road and how I deal in a world of carnivores...
At the airport in Shanghai, waiting for my flight
Shanghai does vegetables right, even at the fast food places!

Beautiful sun on the VERY early morning JFK to BOS flight
Patriots flags everywhere!! I was in town on the day of the parade.
It would have been cool to go, but I didn't feel like battling the cold or the crowds!
Happy Weekend, everyone!  I'm in chilly Boston, Massachusetts today, meeting teachers and administrators from all over the world at an international school fair.  I started out the week at a Physical Education conference, where I presented my workshop, "Improving Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment with Technology" for teachers from all over the Eastern states of the US.

It was a great experience to present and connect with so many interesting people, and to learn about how other teachers incorporate technology in their teaching practice.  Although SAMR and 21st Century learning skills have been accepted as the common models to use for tech integration, their interpretation and subsequent application in education is so varied, both in the States and internationally.  It will be really interesting to see the continual transformation in years to come.

Selfie stick shot with the PE teachers!  Awesome! 

I met celebrated US Olympian Shannon Miller!
Pretty town plaza at night in Springfield
My sad "Greek Salad" and soup.  Also can't believe I ate something out of styrofoam!  REALLY?? I wish people knew how styrofoam looks when it's washed up on the beach in Bali, and Xiamen, but by the TONS.  It's impossible to clean!! So wasteful :(

After a week away from my apartment, I can say with confidence that I REALLY MISS MY KITCHEN!  It's been very challenging to find meat free food while on the go, especially while I was driving on the highway from Boston to Springfield and then back again. Nothing but meat and fast food for 90+ miles!  I didn't know that it was so industrial here, I thought I would see at least a few farms along the way.

BEAUTIFUL blue skies! 

Pretty winter wonderland!
Cute pilgrim hat.. love the state spirit!

Boston skyline at night

Visiting my friend Nicole from Shanghai, who lives in Boston now.

I was proactive in my packing, and made sure to bring veggie-friendly food, but the funny thing about hotels in the States vs Asia is that there are no hot water kettles in the room.  I suppose you can just get the hot water from the tap, but after not drinking from the tap for four years, I think that makes me nervous!

So in a nostalgic way, today I honor the kitchen in my apartment, which offers me the space to make creations like these, throughout the past few weekends..  LONG LIVE BRUNCH en mi casa!! :)

Salad and fresh fruit.  Kiwi was used for juice.  It almost tasted like jugo de lulo!  
The big Kahuna.... Pancakes with fresh fruit and nutella, roasted potatoes, and poached eggs with tomato

Fresh, homemade waffles with roasted potatoes and sweet oranges.
Italian antipasti without prosciutto.  This is a crime in Italy, I'm sure! LOL. 

I wish you all a safe and healthy weekend, wherever you are in this beautiful world.  Hasta pronto!