View of South Bund

Despite the fog, the view of the colorful skyscrapers at night here in Shanghai was beautiful!

The view of the city more than made up for the awful dinner I suffered through earlier in the night. I had an interesting run in with local delicacies at a Yunan restaurant.

Worms, crickets or bees, anyone???

Being a vegetarian, I went the safe route: a little bowl of white rice with some soy sauce.

This didn't exactly fill me up, but I couldn't eat my entree. I quickly learned never to order beancurd (aka stinky tofu) here in Shanghai! It really does stink like a gym sock, and tastes just as bad! I couldn't believe my bad luck at ordering food AGAIN! (My first run in with bad Chinese food was "Hot and Sour Seafood Soup" which I nicknamed "Dead Body Soup" because it smelled and tasted ATROCIOUS!)

Oh well.. You live and you learn (to cook at home!).

Have a blessed day everyone!

MS Hip HoP class

This semester I am teaching a Hip Hop dance elective class in the middle school. I'm so impressed with how quickly the girls pick up the material, and I am very happy that they all have been trying their hardest even though most of them have never danced before! We started out using "Am to Pm" by Christina Milian, but added more hip hop "flow" with this Lloyd song, "Feelin' Myself". Below, is a short clip of the combination we worked on today.

Welcome to Concordia Int'l School Shanghai in China!

Here are some snapshots from around school and a Puxi city adventure!

Some interesting tidbits:

1. No horn honking signs are everywhere, but NEVER enforced.
2. Subway train tracks have plexiglass barriers to prevent people from being pushed off the platform (too crowded to enter and exit trains in a calm fashion, so the people just shove!).
3. With all of the skyscrapers that dot this city, I forget to take notice of them! That is until the sun is setting between two buildings, and the windows catch the rays like sparkles. :)

Hope you're all enjoying your week! Count your blessings, not your problems!!

Que triste!!

La vida es una bendicion de Dios. Que perdida de tiempo para tomar las drogas!!! Todos estos adictos tuvieron la oportunidad de tener el amor de su vida, pasar tiempo con sus familias, pero eligio el camino equivocado .... que pena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity Conference

The first National Conference on Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity will be held Thursday, October 20th - Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 on the UNCG campus.

The theme of the conference is Discovering Strengths Through Body and Mind: The First National Conference on Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity.

The Girls in Sport Symposium is hosted at UNCG by the Department of Kinesiology and the Center for Women's Health and Wellness. It is transforming from a local event to a national conference.

This expansion includes transitioning the symposium from a state and local event to a national conference of engaged practioners and scholars. The conference will serve as a cornerstone to advance opportunities and programs for girls and women in sport and physical activity.

I finally have access!

I finally made it to Shanghai, after a very long 14 hour flight, but was blocked from my blog for about a week.  I am now able to keep you all up to date on my adventures and experiences here in China.  Below, please find some snapshots from the plane, and from the textile market I went to on Saturday.  It was a very fun afternoon, choosing fabrics and materials to make pillows and table runners.  Of course, I completed all of my projects in a New York minute! :)

This week we are continuing with orientation, and next week the children arrive for their first week of school.  I am so impressed with the beautiful school facilities; especially the state of the art dance studio!

More pictures to follow!