Yunan food, monkeys and Nike Festival of Sports

Joy and I out in Puxi.
 Some man on the street with his pet monkey.  I love animals but that monkey scared me!

The crew from year one... 
 Lost Heaven Yunan Restaurant on the Bund in Puxi with volleyball camp coaches from the States. 

 Then off to the Apartment to dance, with a pit stop at the rum bar.
 This little cat was hiding outside my apartment door for six hours!  My dog was not pleased.

 Eventually the little guy left.  I think he belonged to my neighbor on the 9th or 10th floor.
 My dog guarding the door, knowing that the cat is directly on the other side!

 Me in the atrium of the airport.
 Puxi from the view at the pool in the JW Tomorrow Square Marriot.
 The Lighthouse on the Bund in Puxi-- TICT DJs here are awesome!! 
Probably the best music in Shanghai.

 Approximately 1,200 students all gathered for our opening all-school assembly.  
It's always impressive to see them all gathered together. 
 Me posing in front of the Jets booth at the Nike Festival of Sports this past weekend in Puxi at the Shanghai Stadium.  Nike had many sports on display to raise awareness of different fitness and sport activities Chinese citizens can participate in.  Lebron James, LaDainian Tomlinson and a few Chinese Olympic athletes came to the event as well.
 I wish I knew their names, but the signage and MC introductions were in Chinese.

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