Cala Mago en Mallorca

Cala Mago es una playa preciosa aqui en Mallorca..tiene arena, rocas, un pequeño chringuito y...nudistas!! Oops!  Pues nos fuimos al otro lado de las rocas, y fue un tarde maravillosa!  Doy gracias a mi amigo Pau por mostrarme esta playa!

Paz.amor felicidad siempre <3

La Ruta Martiana in Palma

Tuesdays.. the best day of the week here in Palma! Nothing makes me happier than delicious tapas with a refreshing summer shandy and good conversation with friends. I've become a regular on the "Ruta Martiana", trying new tapas like fried cheese drizzled with blueberry jam, and crab filled croquettes. The other neat thing about the Ruta is that it takes place in the old city, where historical buildings (that have seen better days) are being renovated and restored to their original beauty.  Also, one alley in particular is filled with street art--really funky aesthetic in the middle of traditional Palma.  Overall, I love the loud atmosphere and happy chatter of people enjoying warm summer nights. Be sure to check it out if you're ever in Palma.