Worst Foods to Eat and BETTER options to remember!

Pre-packaged/fast food Hamburgers-processed meat contains high levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG) a flavor additive that causes headaches, allergic reactions and up to 1,800 grams of sodium.  Cheeseburgers exceed total daily recommended fat intake.  Better bet? Veggie burgers with hummus instead of cheese.  End result? More protein, less fat and less sodium.

Hot Dogs-contain nitrites, which are thought to cause cancer.  In addition, fillers and non-meat binders such as cereal and dry milk add extra carbohydrates to your diet.  Better bet? Grilled vegetable kebabs at your next BBQ.  Increased intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

French Fries-high fat content from oil, and high glycemic index; body converts fries to sugar very quickly. Final result: "Crash and burn" after lunch.  Better bet?  Fiber-filling lunch which will keep you satisfied and alert until dinner.

Oreo cookies-Three cookies contain 160 calories, seven grams of fat and 14 grams of sugar (or about 7 packets of sugar).  The high sugar content depletes your immune system and creates inflammation in the body.  Better bet? Granny Smith apple with low-fat peanut butter.  These tart green apples have lower sugar levels, and the peanut butter packs a protein punch.  This combination will satisfy your sweet tooth without terrorizing your pancreas.

Commercial/frozen pizza- contains enriched white flour that's been bleached of its natural vitamins and minerals.  Toppings include processed cheese and meats, which are high in unhealthy saturated or trans fat. Better bet?  Whole wheat pita bread with homemade tomato sauce, chopped veggies and low-fat , skim milk ricotta cheese.

Soft drinks-liquid candy.  Enough said.  Avoid drinks with corn syrup as it is high in fructose, which is stored in the body as fat.  Better bet?  Drink water with lemon!

Chicken nuggets-mystery meat, anyone? Frozen, breaded "chicken" is usually made of unusable chicken parts rather than whole white meat.  The breaded coating is very high in carbohydrates.  There have also been traces of aluminum found in certain brands, which is toxic to the body.  Better bet?  Spinach nuggets that are breaded with whole wheat, and contains the recommended daily intake of iron.

Ice cream-is delicious but also high in sugar and fat.  Better bet?  Choose italian ice or frozen low-fat yogurt.  If ice cream is your vice, take care to enjoy it in small doses and choose ice cream with nuts like pistachio or peanut so at least you'll get protein intake.

Donuts-the average donut contains about 300 calories and more than half of the recommended daily carbohydrate intake.  They may be sweet, but donuts are often high in salt and deep-friend in fatty oil.  Better bet?  Eat yogurt with granola for breakfast.  The granola has fiber which will keep you full until lunch, and the yogurt contains calcium and essential vitamins and minerals especially beneficial for women's health.

Potato chips-on average, one small bag has 300 calories, high in saturated fat and high in sodium.  It takes four pounds of potatoes to make one pound of potato chips making this popular snack very calorie dense.  Better bet?  Baby carrots with Baba Ghanoush.  The carrots provide the crunchy texture of chips with added nutritional value of vitamin A and betacarotine, while the roasted eggplant dip provides fiber,  magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.

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