St Giles San Francisco Summer Camp..Weeks 1 & 2

It's been a busy past two weeks here at St Giles!  I've been getting to know my students, and proudly watching their English communication skills improve everyday.  I can't believe sixty students go home tomorrow!  The time went so fast.  Thirty new students join our program, and will be ready to join in on the action starting Monday.  It's been such a rewarding experience to observe young people interacting and participating with the other teens of this program.  We are so blessed to live in the 21st century where we can easily fly and travel for pleasure, while learning so much about our fellow man in an educational environment.  These students would never have had another opportunity to meet, if it wasn't for this program.  What would our world look like without borders?  I think John Lennon said it best.. "Imagine there's no countries.. Imagine all the people, living life in peace".

When children are taught from a young age that diversity and appreciation of other cultures is a beautiful thing to be cherished, our world will live as one.

On a side note, I pet the sweetest dogs today in Washington Square Park.  The love of an animal is so strong, it even attracted the attention of children in our program who come from communities where keeping domesticated animals like dogs and cats is uncommon.  Once the children overcame their initial apprehension, they were in love too!   Some of them who had never pet a dog even let the dog give them a sloppy doggie kiss on the face!!

Stop to pet a dog in the park today!  Give someone a hug! Show loved ones you care! Today and always..

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