WOW! What a great afternoon I had, teaching the international students how to play kickball, baseball and american football. Some of the students had never touched a football or held a bat before today.. after 12 yrs of school/PE class! Many of the students told me they had only played the virtual versions of these games in their home countries. What kinds of games and sports do these students actually learn and play around the world?? I wonder if most schools treat Physical Education as a formal class, or as a recreation period? Physical Education is not just about playing sports. I strive to promote the wellness of children in the 21st century.

It is my goal for students to develop moral, ethical, and cultural values related to healthy living, sportsmanship, cooperation and critical thinking.

Technology is wonderful, but Nintendo Wii will never replace the feeling of accomplishment when you hit a home run or catch a football on the fly!! I am so proud of the students who tried their hardest, and caught onto the rules and played the game correctly with relative ease! It was a wonderful accomplishment for everyone involved.

As for me.... I'm still working on my spiral. ;)

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