View of South Bund

Despite the fog, the view of the colorful skyscrapers at night here in Shanghai was beautiful!

The view of the city more than made up for the awful dinner I suffered through earlier in the night. I had an interesting run in with local delicacies at a Yunan restaurant.

Worms, crickets or bees, anyone???

Being a vegetarian, I went the safe route: a little bowl of white rice with some soy sauce.

This didn't exactly fill me up, but I couldn't eat my entree. I quickly learned never to order beancurd (aka stinky tofu) here in Shanghai! It really does stink like a gym sock, and tastes just as bad! I couldn't believe my bad luck at ordering food AGAIN! (My first run in with bad Chinese food was "Hot and Sour Seafood Soup" which I nicknamed "Dead Body Soup" because it smelled and tasted ATROCIOUS!)

Oh well.. You live and you learn (to cook at home!).

Have a blessed day everyone!

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