Happy 4th Birthday to the best dog around!

During the new teacher orientation here at Concordia, the Head of School introduced everyone by sharing anectdotal information about each of us. I was introduced as the teacher who wouldn't accept an overseas post where my dog was not welcome... AND.... the girl who got through the airport without putting her dog through quarantine (much to the chagrin of the other pet owning teachers who went through the heartache and financial burden of quarantine).

So it really should not have come as a surprise to my colleagues when they saw an invitation to my dog's fourth birthday party in our weekly "Updates and Announcements" newsletter. I ended up being the target of many "crazy dog lady" jokes, but also earned the admiration of students and families eager to connect outside of school in a casual environment where the entire family, including four legged furry members, would be welcome.

I planned to have the dog party in a local park, but Shanghai weather is always unpredictable. After a full day of sunshine, mother nature decided to open the flood gates a half hour before my party was to start. I quickly sent out emails and texts to my guests to inform them of a venue change, which ended up being my apartment!! While it was not exactly the most ideal situation to have a bunch of wet dogs and humans with sticky skin from the humidity in a small apartment, everything turned out for the best.

Despite the weather, Dior's birthday party was a success!!! I was so happy my students and fellow teachers came to celebrate with their dogs and share a happy day! It feels great to be part of the Concordia community, and have the support of people who barely know me. It speaks volumes about the Christian character of our school community, and I am so grateful for their support during this time of transition for me and my little family.

I cannot believe that four years ago, I finally got the Maltese I always dreamed of having. I always begged my parents for a dog, but they never gave into my pleading. When I got my dog, I wasn't exactly planning on this nomadic lifestyle I now lead, but I am so glad I have him by my side, no matter what country we're in. My dog brings me so much joy, happiness, and fulfillment that even on days when he is a rascal, I can't help but smile, and thank God that I have my guardian angel.

If you haven't felt the love for a dog, you haven't felt unconditional love!!!

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