More ground balls than catching...

The month of September started with the introduction of Lacrosse to grades 7 and 8. This game is the oldest sport in North America and was originally played by Native Americans in what are now Canada and New York. Lacrosse brings many athletic skills together to create a fun, physical and fast-paced game. The students first learned how to cradle the ball; the method by which a player holds the ball in the stick’s pocket.

They have also been practicing passing, catching, defending and playing the positions of the field. Many girls enjoyed playing attack wing, which is the most essential position for scoring goals. Other girls have enjoyed playing defense; especially checking sticks!

Catching the ball has proven to be the most challenging, as it requires the use of good hand-eye coordination, quickness and finesse, all while running down field and avoiding defenders. The fluidity of the game has been improving, as students improve their communication, self confidence and socialization. The students have also improved their use of field space and strategies for scoring goals. Most importantly, the students have all practiced respect, fairness and compassion with one another. This speaks volumes of the Christian nature of our Concordia school community!

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