APAC Dance Festival 2011

So, this is it! We are off to the Asian Pacific Activities Council Dance Festival in Seoul, South Korea. After many hours of rehearsal, we are ready to showcase our "Women's Liberation" piece. Featuring music from James Brown, the girls are performing lyrical, jazz and hip-hop movements.

As per our program description:

We are a movement; a tidal wave of spirit and energy that seeks to challenge the status quo. We question the politics, power holders, and cultural beliefs or practices of our respective worlds. Our founding sisters have laid the groundwork in this man's world.

For many of us, opportunities are plentiful and increase rapidly. In places where the growth moves more slowly, we must get up offa our preconceived abilities and start to feel good about progression. For the ability to feel injustice towards anyone, anywhere is the greatest trait of a revolutionary.

Follow us at the festival at this link.

I can't wait to meet the students and faculty of the other schools and show off our hard work!

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