International Day at Concordia International School Shanghai

WOW! was all I could say as I entered the gymnasium on International Day. The students, parents, teachers and PSO did a wonderful job of representing the 31 cultures of each nationality which make up our student body. Each country was represented through food, pictures and video, clothing, music, sports and dance entertainment. The students had the chance to collect passport "stamps" from each of the 19 tables that were available for "trips". I was very excited to see the students engaging with parents and chaperones, which is not easy for middle school students to do! Also, I'm happy that the boy who thought Spain was next to Nicaragua now knows it is a country in Europe! :)

I am so proud to teach such interesting, sophisticated and compassionate students. Furthermore, teaching internationally has given my life much more meaning, and I am happy to be a part of such a professional and progressive school.

Special recognition to the flag bearers:

Australia – Harry W.
Brazil – Bernardo T.
Canada – Duncan W.
Chile – Alejandra U.
Finland – Hilkka V.
France – Nina U.
Germany – Daniel R.
India – Shubhankar K.
Indonesia – Josh L.
Ireland – Colin M.
Japan – Yukine Y.
Malaysia – George L.
Mexico – David S.
Netherland – Avery B.
Nigeria – Iruma E.
Norway – Betsy S.
People’s Republic of China – Jean L.
Peru – Max K.
Philippine – Kurt M.
Saudi Arabia – Madison B.
Singapore – Pan Ling W.
South Korea – Dong W.
Spain – Andrea L.
Sweden – Nicky K.
Switzerland – Luke R.
Thailand – Mamie H.
United States – Shaffer W.
Tunisia – Ines M.
United Kingdom – Sam B.
Venezuela – Alexandra R.
Vietnam – Harrison L.

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