Thanksgiving Thoughts

Teaching internationally:

Has made me physically, mentally, emotionally, socially stronger.

Has extended my frame of mind beyond the comfort of my parents' home/my community.

Has made me leave the safety and security of all I have known.

Has made me more patient.

Has made me more appreciative of good customer service.

Has given me a newfound appreciation of clean drinking water, clean air, and clean streets.

Has given me an exciting job when others are trying to make ends meet in a depression.

Has given me a chance to experience the world from a new perspective.

Has made me appreciative of the richness of language acquisition and application.

Has given me much more "adult" responsibilities.

Has made me more resourceful.

Has toughened me up.

Has renewed my love of learning.

Has taught me adapting means more than just being physically present. Adapting with 100% of myself has fostered my resilience and happiness.

Has made me more persistent about following through on research and legwork.

Has made me a better money manager.

Has reminded me why I love to teach.

Has shown me what I want to do in the future. No matter where I go, there I am.

Has made me appreciate life, and how precious my time here is.

Has given me a change of pace from routine living after graduation and before starting my graduate program.

Has allowed me to pursue my passion for dancing, exercising, traveling and socializing with people from all walks of life.

Has taught me that life is constantly changing, and humanity has transformed so much since it was created, with revolutionary growth each year.

Has allowed me to become more open-minded, and a better role model to guide our future generation.

Has taught me it's a wonderful life, filled with God's blessings.


PS I love Turkey the country, not turkey to eat! TRY A TOFURKEY! They are actually very delicious!

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