First Varsity Basketball Home Game vs SAS Pudong


Concordia Varsity Cheerleaders

The girls were so psyched after their halftime routine, and the big win of our Varsity boy's team (GO PHOENIX!) that two of the girls wrote an email to the rest of the team once they got home:

This is from Hannah and Sydney...

We are sooooo proud of everyone! We did such a great job. This is going to be such a great season, our first game was the best Concordia has ever done, and that was only our first game!!! Plus we got those three stunts in four or five practices! So we can definitely get super pro by the end of the season.

We are so proud of first time stunters! Joy, and Anya, and their bases you guys were amazing.

Just enjoy it! We only have four more games plus SISAC and APAC... and a pep rally....

Thank you so much Ms. Fitz! you put so much effort into the dance and stunts, and look what we got out of it!!! This really is the best that Concordia has ever done.

Thanks to the Captains, you guys are awesome; making up cheers, helping with fight song, aaanddd just being awesome.

GREAT FIRST GAME GUYS! (: ******** <----- those are pom poms

*--|--* <----- and this is a cheerleader, with poms... made by hann (:
/ \


Thank you for this awesome email! Love the energy!!! So proud of you girls too! We accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time!! Just goes to show that sometimes the greatest fear is fear itself, and when you trust the faith of the people around you, spread your wings and fly, amazing things happen.. You can stick stunts! :)

Thank you to the good Lord for protecting these girls while they were performing! No one fell or got hurt, so a HUGE victory in my book! :)

Now let's see if we can get a basket toss!!

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