1.2.3 Hip hop is ending...

In light of the first semester coming to an end this week, I have been teaching the final combination with music by Britney Spears. It's a bit tricky, but I wanted to give the more experienced dancers a final opportunity to be challenged. Although many of the less coordinated dancers are just as eager to keep up!

These same dancers are the ones who signed up for my elective because they thought hip hop looks cool on MTV and in music videos. These are the same dancers who realized my class would be very difficult without concentration, great skill and passion. These are the same dancers who performed onstage at our December gala filled with pride and energy. These are the same dancers who can now describe where hip hop originated, where hip hop is today, and how their future can be affected by hip hop, along with other forms of dancing.

I am so proud of their progress, and this final video is a true testament to the self-fulfilling prophecy. When teachers believe students can do something, they can accomplish many things!

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