Gymnastics Assessment

My 5th and 6th grade students just finished their gymnastics unit and completed a summative partner assessment. Each student observed their partner's performance of the "Superman" sequence, and completed a skills rubric to judge their partner's competency. The students worked hard and were dedicated to improving their straddle jumps, tuck jumps, forward rolls, shoulder rolls, pencil rolls and especially their tripods/headstands!! The students enjoyed performing to the Superman song, and "flying" high with their leaps!

Assessing the students in smaller groups allowed for maximum practice opportunities, more space for movement, higher student motivation since they are working with their friends, and immediate application of the feedback received from their partners. Videotaping their assessment kept the students' observations honest, and most students enjoyed being the "star" of the moment.

This assessment was successful because it reinforced student learning, both through practice and application of the material that was taught. It was also successful because the students performed tumbling skills in a realistic situation, and were not isolated in an artificial setting. I think most students enjoyed the challenges of this unit, specifically the tripod and headstand and enjoyed working with their classmates in a non-competitive sport. Lastly, they also improved their flexibility and muscular strength, and will continue to maintain these improvements in our future lessons.

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