How bad do you want it?

I'm overwhelmed with information on a daily basis, but sometimes certain things just click, and rock my heartstrings. This is a wonderful, inspiring clip about success. What does success mean to you? How bad do you want to be successful? Maybe not bad enough.

Originally a speech presented by Eric Thomas, (AKA the Hip-Hop preacher) this video is set to music by the group, Explosions in the Sky. This is the same music from Friday Night Lights, which is one of my favorite movies. The main theme song from FNLs makes me tear every time because I think of Booby Miles. I think of the students who have so much talent and try so hard, but don't quite "make it".

What happens to those kids? What happens to the kids who need our help the most? What happens to the kids who need teachers and coaches to believe in them? What happens to the kids who missed the opportunity to be successful? What happens when your talents are not developed enough to become a professional?

There's nothing more difficult than realizing your artistic vein can't give you a professional life.

I try so hard to inspire my students, and teach them what I want them to know about hard work and determination and motivation, but sometimes I worry it's not enough. How can I teach them to embrace opportunities and turn their dreams into a reality? How can I show them that even if they are not the best dancers, they can still translate their interests into careers in dance history, production, promotion, etc?

I am one of those kids. I want to keep dancing, and I need to want to dance, perform and choreograph more than I want to breathe. I need to focus on new opportunities, especially in a city as dynamic as Shanghai.

I really love this line: Don't try to quit! You're already in pain, get a reward from it! Pain is temporary; Success is forever!

A special thank you to my personal teachers, coaches and mentors who have never let me fail. Especially Janice Aguilera, who was the most patient and inspiring dance teacher I ever had.

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