Street life in Shanghai

The food vendors are hustlers!! Rain, snow, sleet or shine, they are out on the streets peddling their wares. This is from one snowy, wet day last week:

From cotton candy, spicy tofu, sweet potatoes and other things I can't identify, you can usually eat on the cheap without going too far.

Right outside the metro station on Middle Yanggao Lu, there is one little snack that I really enjoy. I have no idea what it is called, but it is a mixture of an egg-lined flat pancake/crepe with crunchy crackers and spicy chinese veggies inside.

First, the batter from a big bowl (that's probably been sitting on the street for awhile.. gives it that "Shanghai" flavor).

Second, flipping it over.

Third, folding up the crepe:

Fourth, yummy finished product.

It's always funny to see the accidental Chinese hipsters on the metro, like this lady with orange hair!

But I'm sure the Chinese think it's strange to see us (the foreigners) on the metro, too.

As in the case of the woman that quickly snapped this same picture of Joy and I, with her own personal camera, while her friend took one with mine.

The Chinese seem to love random pictures. Like this couple who dressed in Mao costumes in the middle of the mall.

The weirdness continued as we walked along in Puxi, and caught two groups of Chinese men and women dancing. The first group danced to Chinese pop/rap music, and then the second group danced in pairs to slow Chinese waltz. Check out the handsome fella at the end of the video who approached me to dance with him while I was videotaping!! ;)

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