A caged bird still sings..

Conversations. Do you remember those when they didn't involve technology? When you could run down the street and knock on your friend's door? Greet adults with pleasantries and smile while you waited for your friend on the stoop? Watching grown-ups talk about grown-up stuff? Talking to your grandparents and parents about what you learned in school that day? Getting flush when your crush passed you in the hall, as you slipped a note into their hand? Talking to neighbors during summer BBQs, and sharing funny stories? I remember signing onto AOL in the late 90s. Hearing the connection boot up.. Getting so excited to talk to people all over the country and ask A/S/L? Getting a beeper. Email account. AIM profile. Then a Nokia cell phone with colorful face plates. Motorola Razor. Hello moto. Texting. Myspace. Blackberry. Facebook. iPhone. Blog. We're all interconnected more than ever, sharing cultures, ideas, news, language, music, art, fashion, food, etc. Why does it all seem less meaningful? Do we need to have the constant chit chatter like birds on a telephone wire? My students thought I was a weirdo because I spoke to a stranger. Maybe the rotary phone was better.

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