My weekend in review.. only 18 days until summer break!

WOW! This year has flown by! The faculty of Concordia celebrated with the class of 2012 at this weekend's Graduation Ceremony. The gymnasium was beautifully transformed into a beautiful ceremony space, parents and siblings were dressed to the 9's, and the graduates looked amazing in their traditional cap and gown with a Chinese twist. Graduations are always an exciting time, as you close one chapter, and anxiously await for the next one to begin. Good luck to the class of 2012!
In other news, I ate delicious Dong Bei (northern China/Beijing) food with Veronique,
saw an amazing sunset from my terrace,
played with my handsome dog,
and finished the newest Federico Moccia book, "Esta noche dime que me quieres".
The plot was a bit unrealistic and drawn out. The main character was an absolute stalker, and perhaps this is considered romantic in Italy, but in America, the female character would have gone to the police to get a restraining order. I could not really relate to the characters, and found them kind of annoying, almost pathetic. The author gave a lot of background information that was not absolutely essential to the plot. I would have liked to hear the voices of the other characters, especially Andrea, the husband of Sofia. The author also threw out brand names left and right, which made some parts feel like an advertising campaign. I found it to be super distracting and annoying. Plot aside, I am especially proud because it is a pretty long book (376 pages), I finished it in about three weeks, AND I didn't need dictionary assistance. I could feel myself reading faster, and I'm using new expressions I learned from the book in daily speech. One last strange thing I noticed about books in Spanish vs English. Conversations can be a bit tricky to follow because the authors do not include "s/he said" after someone speaks. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to who's saying what. In any event, I cannot wait to get to Mallorca and buy more books for summer reading. Only 18 more days left!
Cada vez que conoces a alguien tu vida cambia y, tanto si te gusta como si no, nosotros nos hemos encontrado, yo he entrado en tu vida y tú en la mía.--Esta noche dime que me quieres. F.Moccia

Hasta la próxima! que tenéis una buena semana!

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