Vegetable and Mushroom Bun.. yum yum

So as the seasons change, and the weather is getting warmer, my favorite cold weather food street vendors are unavailable (no more roasted chestnuts and yams). Have no fear, I have found a new favorite treat! Bi feng tang dumplings without meat, just vegetables and mushrooms inside. The street vendors make them fresh and hot, but they are a little too ethnic for our Western bubble here in Jinqiao. I have been buying the pre-made ones from Family Mart, which just aren't the same, but they are sufficient until when I'm back in the "real" Shanghai. I was tempted to buy the frozen version today while food shopping, but that's just taking my new obsession a bit too far! ;) Do you ever go through food phases? For good or for bad?
I was enjoying my snack when all of a sudden, a creepy crawling thing brushed up against my leg!! EEEK! To my delight, it was only a little kitten! :)

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