And then there was one..

One day away from summer vacation, and I cannot WAIT! to be with my family and friends in Italy and Spain! I have had a really fun year with my students and colleagues, but I am ready for Europe! 
I hope you enjoy the pictures below. 

Jazz Dance Elective Students

                  Waiting in the hallway with my students, for their turn to perform in the showcase.

                    These students were extremely sad today was our last PE class-can't you tell? ;)

8th grade girls waiting for their graduation ceremony to start. Everyone looked so beautiful!

An important milestone was reached today--the final day of 5th grade lunch period for these girls:

                    In closing, I'd just like to recognize the star student who gave me such a sweet 
                     thank you gift.  Thank you for thinking of me.   Your kindness made my day!


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