Nanbeihu 2012

This past week I travelled for three hours to Nanbeihu in Zhejiang Province, China with the fifth grade classes.  We were blessed with warm sunshine, blue skies, happy students and no major injuries! :)

I was the leader of the "Orange Octupus" group, and the "Red Tomato" group.  The "Orange Octupus" group was at camp from Monday through Wednesday, and then the "Red Tomato" group was at camp from Wednesday through Friday.

It was a week filled with non-stop adventure and action, as the students participated in events such as the leap of faith, rock climbing, rappelling, high ropes, kayaking and orienteering.  It was a great week of team spirit, making friends, and overcoming challenges.  At night the students enjoyed a BBQ dinner, complete with s'mores and campfire songs and skits.  The "Red Tomato" group made my night when they performed the "Miss Fitz" version of the "boom chicka boom" song.  They had the whole camp dancing and doing a "boogie".  I tried to catch their performance on video, but my camera died halfway through.  :(

Compliments to the hotel and camping site, as both were well maintained and very clean (no squattie potties, and real showers! woowhoo!).  The adventure staff were also very competent in providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of the students.  Overall, it was a great experience to watch the students step outside their comfort zones, and support one another with compassion and respect. I'm so glad I went on this trip, and had the opportunity to get to know my fifth grade students better.

Below are some pictures from Nanbeihu.  Enjoy! :)

Pooped out on the bus ride home!  So cute!  :)

Don't forget to exercise this weekend, wherever you are in this beautiful world!  paz.amor.felicidad <3

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