PE team social @ the park

The ES/MS/HS Phys Ed. team had beautiful weather, yummy food and great company yesterday at the park. Some local Chinese neighbors even showed up to inspect our picnic and do a little dance! :)

It was nice to relax, catch up and play with the growing group of cute children belonging to my coworkers.  Exhibit A:

I made a fruit salad that was simply peaches, oranges, apples with a little bit of sugar and pecans--not too bad for last minute preparation.  

Next time I will make baked ziti.. can you believe that my mid-western coworkers have never had this NY/Italian classic?!? Cooking for other people makes me nervous, but you know what they say.. practice makes perfect!  

The weather is sunny and fall-like here in Shanghai today.  Hope it's nice wherever you are!

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