Halloween in Shanghai

I can hardly believe it, but this week is the 10th week of school. Quarter 1 has ended, and we celebrated Halloween this past week by doing a Thriller/Gangnam Style mashup. The kids loved traveling in the "time machine" to 1983 to learn some original Thriller moves (Funny quote/moment: They all gasped in horror at the realization that "back then" in the "1900s", there was no internet, computer, cell phones, iPads, etc. etc. One student wanted to know, "But how did they live?!"). Then we traveled to the future, and played a super-fast version of Gangnam Style to make the students laugh, as they attempted to perform the same Thriller moves at lightning fast speed. We ended with the Thriller moves using the normal Gangnam Style song from 2012. We even had a surprise guest-a Thanksgiving "turkey"-do the Gangnam Style with us! This Halloween seemed much more festive than last year. More stores were offering Halloween knick-knacks, bars and restaurants were offering costume parties, and the costumes themselves seemed to be more complex and authentic, closer to the quality of what you'd find in the States, and not the cheesy plastic knock-offs that you'd find at Chinese markets like Yu Yuan garden. Overall, I had a great time at work and with my friends, celebrating Halloween, and can't wait for next year! Now, I'm off to decorate the house for Thanksgiving!

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