Shanghai PE Professionals meeting

This past Thursday, November 1st, was the first meeting of the S.P.P. (Shanghai PE Professionals).  We met at the Big Bamboo on Hong Feng Lu in Jinqiao to socialize and swap ideas for teaching.  We had teachers from international schools in Puxi and Pudong attend the event.  We specifically focused on "rainy day group activities", or games that can be played with a large group of students in one gym that allows for maximum time on task/range of abilities.  We talked about games like "Battleship", "KCC", "5 bats", "4 corner soccer" along with games for Omniken balls, and pool noodles.  We also discussed the ways to implement a roller skating/in-line skating unit at our respective schools.  Finally, we talked about the upcoming EARCOS conference, which will be sponsored by Concordia in April.

Overall, we were able to swap a lot of ideas in a short amount of time.  It was nice to meet PE teachers from the other international schools, and I was inspired by the dedication my colleagues have for their craft.  

Our next meeting details are as follows:
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