Excessive consumption of information, but also too much photography??

Sad story today out of the New York Times.  Someone was pushed off of the platform into an oncoming subway in Midtown.  Fellow strap hangers took pictures of the event, rather than helping the victim, or capturing the attacker. 

What's wrong with this picture?  Lack of safety glass to protect people on the platform (like they have here in Shanghai), people with criminal history and mental illness roaming the platforms with free will, or technology interrupting us from reality?  Perhaps the victim was texting, and didn't see his attacker coming.  Perhaps other strap hangers were playing Angry Birds, and didn't look up when someone cried out for help.  Perhaps we are oblivious to our surroundings, and need to be more alert at all times.

This reader commented in a way that I've felt time and time again.  

I really wish we would all go back to a 24-shot disposable camera, that couldn't be wasted;  you had to capture only the best moments.  We need to stop taking so many useless pictures and be aware of what is happening around us!  We need to return to capturing moments with our minds, hearts and spirits. 

Granted, this may sound a bit hypocritical, coming from someone reflecting via blog, yet I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the officials of Shanghai for having safety glass on the platforms of the metro system here.  Otherwise, I would be toast.  There's already enough moving things to avoid in this city.  I'm very thankful tonight that subways aren't on that list.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family, along with the people who witnessed this tragedy. 

<3 paz. amor. felicidad siempre

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