Spinning Class for Personal Fitness Unit

Today was the first day my 7/8th grade girls' class used the spinning room.  They had a lot of fun using the machines, and getting used to the weighting of the pedals, different hand positions and riding in the saddle vs up in the air.   They wore their heart rate monitors, and attempted to stay in the zone for the entire 20 minute workout.  Below, is the playlist we used for our 20 minute workout:

Warm Up: New Day by Alicia Keys
Work it to the Bone by Chris Moody
Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia
Sweat by David Guetta 
Cool Down: Diamonds by Rihanna

We then did our daily fitness challenge of 30 jack-knife sit-ups and 10 oblique push-ups on the right side, and then 10 more for the left side.  

Kudos to the ladies for a job well done, and not giving up when the workout became difficult!!

Don't forget the disco ball!

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