Tomato Salad and Spinach Soup

I don't have morning recess or lunch duty this week--YAY!--so I am back to my normally scheduled routine and high fiber, low fat, vegetarian diet.  There are a million and one reasons not to eat meat and/or processed foods.  Living in China has made me a better cook, as Western food is expensive and you never really know what you're eating in local restaurants, as the menus only have pictures and Chinese characters.  Even something that looks vegetarian probably has animal products in it.


Chick peas, tomato, cucumber, red onion, bagged salad mix (I don't normally put that in this salad, but I had a tiny bit left from a different dish), tossed with pinch of salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic balsamic vinaigrette.  You can also add lemon, (but I didn't have any in the house today) or maybe a pinch of sugar if the vinegar is too strong for your taste.

Olive oil, fresh garlic, celery sauteed until light brown.  Add vegetable broth.  Add pasta once broth is boiling.  Lower heat and let simmer. Then add the spinach at the very end.

Ta-da!!  Two delicious and healthy meals that each cost under $6!

Pair with some lemon water and you are SET!

Buen provecho!!

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