Rock Climbing on "Mount Rushmore"

Grade 5 did the "Mount Rushmore" climb on Thursday, complete with "kodak moments".

PE teaching idea:

Tell students that they "traveled" to South Dakota to rock climb on Mount Rushmore.  
(You can be silly, ham it up!  Hand out "plane tickets" for each team, have a goofy tourist hat on while explaining the directions, etc.)

Students will be in four teams of four students.  Each team will need 4 pictures and 4 chopsticks (they can also use a clothespin if it's too windy to prevent the pictures from falling down.  Or use the clothespin to pin the stick and picture to their shirt while they climb up--for the less experienced climbers). 

On the signal, students say safety words.  Then they can start climbing.  Every team mate must put 1 picture up above black line, and recreate the image of Mount Rushmore.  First team to complete challenge should sit down and shout "USA".  Team who finishes fastest with the correct order wins the challenge.

Q& A:  Review strategies the teams used and allow for student feedback. 

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