Chatsila Market, Hua Hin, Thailand

My mom always took my sisters and I to craft fairs growing up.  Sometimes I enjoyed being dragged along--that is when the vendors had nice things and my mom would cave into my pleadings for something new.  Oftentimes the vendors would sell knicknacks and grandma-inspired items, like a knitted skirt.  Really!  So imagine my delight when I first visited Las Dalias in Ibiza in summer 2010; a crafting paradise for local artisans and hippies!!  As an adult, I like exploring markets and like to stumble upon quirky and unique items.  I do also prefer to vote with my wallet, and support local people versus big corporations. 

Living in China has made shopping less fun.  To begin with, negotiating is their national sport and I don't enjoy arm wrestling over prices. Second, the quality and authenticity of products is very inconsistent.  Third, I'm inundated with shopping options in Shanghai because there are shopping malls (normally with 8 floors of retail space) on every street corner, along with dozens of migrant workers selling items on the street.  It is absolutely overwhelming, and makes me want to run home and hide with the covers over my head.  Last but not least, I cannot bring myself to buy things made in China outside of China because the mark-up is astronomical.  It drives me bananas.

 So last night at the Chatsila Market in Hua Hin, I explored, but didn't buy much.  Mostly everything they had for sale (silk ties, plastic Buddhas, silk robes, Asian fans, etc) were things I can buy at the markets in Shanghai.  I did get street food (vegetable curry with Jasmin rice) and WOW! it was intense.  My face and lips were beat red from the spicy red and green chilies in the rice.  As I walked off my heartburn and sweated profusely, I caught some cute kids dancing in the street for money. I wish I thought of that when I was a kid!! Overall, it was a really fun night, looking at the bright colors and happy people of the market.  I hope you're having a happy and healthy day, wherever you are in the world.


Fabric sunflowers for sale... they grow wild here like grass in America!

Reminds me of Ibiza... *sigh* I miss Spain!

I was tempted to buy a lovely old couple because I love old people, but dolls terrify me.
Every market needs a crepe stand (with Nutella and bananas, of course!).

It turned out to be a crunchy crepe--not exactly the texture I was expecting!!
Thailand's best dance crew right here!

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