It happened again...

Please allow me a moment to reflect on a global social problem: OBSESSION with cell phones.

How many of us are this ignorant?  How many of us allow others to suffer in silence?

Maybe if more people put their darn cell phones down, more of us would see our fellow citizens sitting alone and offer a pleasantry and a smile.  I know this photo is only one moment of the whole hour the man spent at the McDonalds, but I can't imagine the other 59 minutes looked any different.  Above all, he's an elder of Chinese [HK] society, and his respect and dignity are not being honored by his own people. 

It really doesn't take much to brighten one another's day....

This photo really breaks my heart--mostly because it captures the sadness of the entire article.

Beyond the shock factor of living in a tiny cubicle, his days of roaming HK mindlessly is such a waste of precious time; of human life.  It saddens me to think that this man was once a little boy filled with hopes and dreams and now he's alone and beat down by circumstances that are not in his favor.

I believe this man needs a notebook and a pen to write, draw, dream, and sketch about his life; the wisdom he has gained and the lessons he has learned.  Instead of hanging out at McDonalds, I hope he can find his way to a library and be comforted by books and poems; stories of adventure and heroes; people who have risen above their challenges.   Or maybe he will find his faith, and be comforted within a faith-based community.

My challenge to you today is to put your cell phone down! Acknowledge the people you are sitting with, the people who are sitting by your sides, and the people you don't know yet, but will meet in passing.  Smile at others, hold the door for others, wish people a nice day; every drop of kindness makes a difference in this world!

Until next time, namaste!

<3 paz. amor. felicidad siempre

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