Munich Memories

I had a long flight delay over the summer, and instead of wasting time wandering around the airport shops, I went to visit Munich city center.
Bikes, bikes and more bikes.  Also, Mercedes sedans as taxis.. brilliant!
German women possibly sizing up the authenticity of the dirndl/lederhosen??
Music on the streets.. AWESOME!
The view coming up to the street from the metro.

Back to the airport..

Overall, I really liked the vibe of the city.  It was so GREEN there; in the countryside, in the city gardens, even on every street corner there were fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

Munich is a beautiful city with wonderful old buildings, pleasant people and decent food (nice potato salad, but sorry, they lose a point for their love of meat!)

Death to the Schnitzel!!  Eat more fruits and veggies!

I hope you have the opportunity to spend some time in a nice city plaza this weekend.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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