My Shanghai favorites...

I don't think I was ever consciously aware of this before, but after thinking of things that I like about Shanghai, I now realize most of what I like about this city centers around food. 

I never really realized how much food affects my mood (i.e. when I'm craving Reese's pieces peanut butter cups and they are nearly impossible to find) and how food provides comfort on days when homesickness sets in.

Drumroll please....

Organic Kitchen

Sprout restaurant

Dong Bei restaurant in French concession


Pink Korean restaurant off West Nanjing Lu

Jiaozi and veggie crepe from street vendors

Restaurant next to O'malleys (the one with a lot of bamboo decorations)

Hot Pot restaurant in Carrefour mall

The networking opportunities

A ton of foreigners living in a foreign land looking to make opportunities and share experiences.

Cherry and almond blossom trees in the spring

The pool at tomorrow square marriot

Cervantes spanish library

Latinas en Shanghai forum

Fast, cheap and easy to use metro system



Bar Rouge

Soul Dancing studio

Zumba Shanghai

Chinese work ethic and resilience!!

Stay happy and healthy y'all!

<3 paz. amor. felicidad. siempre

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