Team Planning, inspired by my studies with TCNJ

We're making progress in our journey of collaboration!  YAY!

Recently, on the MS PE team, we all wrote personal items of interest/on our to-do list on post-it notes, organized them by priority and then devised action steps to accomplish pressing concerns and develop a long term team vision in a more cohesive manner.

Overall, the visual display of notes really opened up our dialog, and helped us form a clear picture of a timeline to work with.  Likewise, everyone's opinion was expressed in a safe manner.  Writing, instead of talking, allowed each member equal opportunity to share their feelings and no one's thoughts were interrupted.  In my moment of overflowing pride, I took this picture of our collaboration!

If you're hitting a roadblock in communication on your teams, I suggest you try this method to stay organized and help keep momentum moving forward.

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