Weekend Goals...

1.  Relax and enjoy the sun on my terrace with friends...Wait, what? 
Sun in shanghai?? Yes, in the fall--it's the best weather of the year now!

2.  Get mattress topper installed (goodbye sleepless nights).. 
Thank you, Slumber Maax (and my colleague Anna for the referral).

3.  Get internet/wifi installed to support [nerd alert] 2 laptops, iPad, iPhone and Samsung Note 
all at the same time (just in case, ya know??).  Hello World Wide Web!

Me in my new (psychedelic) kitchen
4.  Visit the avocado lady.

5.  Eat at my favorite Dong Bei restaurant (since I haven't been there in a really long time).

But back to that avocado lady... I know you're dying to know more.  Well, she's like an urban legend of Shanghai; once you find her, she'll change your Shanghai life forever.  

She has (as you might have guessed) local? avocados for sale, at prices that are actually reasonable (vs. $15usd for two avocados imported from Austrailia; i'mlookingatyou, Carrefour).  The mystery about her avocados is that they're brown, look almost over ripe, and only stay edible if you put them in the fridge (which I never would have done before).  Up to a full week later, upon slicing into the brown (seemingly bad) avocado, you will encounter the most green, ripe and best tasting avocado this side of Mexico.  Now, you might be wondering.. Who cares about avocados? Well, it's like a lot of stuff here that you can't get... You don't really need it to survive, but once it's available, it's a must have item.  You will pay MONEY and wait in line to get said item. Which is how people suddenly get weird about random things.. MUST HAVE AVOCADOS..

Beyond avocados, she has lots of other expat food items like fresh pesto, hummus, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, a huge variety of nuts, dried apricots, olives, capers, and even fresh pasta.

All of these yummy products are stuffed into a store the size of a closet and jam packed with every expat this side of the Pu every Sunday afternoon--and that's exactly where I'm headed in a little bit.  So shouts to my girl Ms. Avocado on Wulumuqi Lu.  Thanks for making my life here in Shanghai more enjoyable.

Happy Sunday y'all..

paz.amor.felicidad siempre <3

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