Proud to be a Phoenix today!

Three years ago Chen Yibin, an infant in Jiangsu Province, was near death. Barely living with a heart defect, a burden to his family, consuming all of their meager income with his medications. Then along came the funds, specifically from the Concordia Community, that paid for his heart surgery in Shanghai as part of Heart-to-Heart's efforts. Not only has his life changed, but his surgery has changed the life of his entire family: Parents, four sisters and Grandfather. No longer burdened by medical bills they have been able to build a new home!

We are not often able to see the direct results of all of the service we do, but it does make a difference. The generosity of the Concordia Community has helped people in so many ways, seen and unseen.

In this season of giving we can get overwhelmed with all that is going on: Giving Tree, Heart-to-Heart, WILL Foundation, Huge Grace and all of the other efforts made to help others. It does make a difference, it matters to many and we are blessed in return to be part of a wonderful Community.

Please take a look below at a happy, healthy, three year old Chen Yibin as we celebrate God's blessings together in thanks for the opportunities we have to serve and for being part of our Concordia Community.

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