APAC Dance 2013

This post is a bit late, but I wanted to share some highlights from the 2013 APAC Dance Festival that was held at the Western Academy of Beijing.  This year the festival had the highest number of participating schools and students.  Every student demonstrated infectious energy and diligent work ethic.  Between rehearsals and workshops, each student danced for 6 hours straight for four days in a row.  Exhausting!! 

Professionally, this festival has reinforced my passion for working with artists, and creating art.  I absolutely loved working with the fusion groups.  The process and experience of improvisation and choreography built a solid foundation of trust, teamwork and synergy, which led to their truly unique and inspiring final product.

I'd like to extend a warm thank you to the WAB team again for hosting the APAC dance event this year. They all worked tirelessly to put on a great festival.  We look forward to next year's festival, to be held in Manila at Brent International School.  Until then, we'll keep practicing 'til we make perfect!


Day One:  Dancing, dining and discovering weird things at the airport. 
Day Two:  Workshops and fusion group practice.

When you think you've reached your limits, think about this professional Chinese dancer who has only one arm!

Day Three:  Samba com Brasileros!!
Day Four:  SHOWTIME!!

A Miss Fitz and Ms. Pete production
Seniors! Stephanie, Victoria and Sydney.  Special recognition to Steph and Syd who both participated in all APAC dance festivals (dance was added to the APAC conference four years ago, when they were freshman).

Special recognition to Seniors!  To Victoria, Stephanie and Sydney, we will miss you soooo much!

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