My visit to Harbin, in Heilongjiang, China

First, check out the wild dancing animals of Harbin! You've never really been cold until you've been to Harbin!  If -20*C temperatures, snow sculptures and ice castles appeal to you, be sure to check out this frozen tundra of a city!  It was great!

My recommendation would be to stay at a hotel located on Central Street, check out the Zhaolin Park sculptures before you head over to the Snow and Ice World, and LAYER UP!  

I actually was a little worried that I didn't buy super-duper professional cold weather gear, but my layering of clothing I already owned worked out fine.  I wore two pairs of stockings, two pairs of leggings, and jeans on my legs, with a tank top, tee-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, sweatshirt and jacket on top, two wool hats on my head, plus my jacket's hood, two pairs of gloves, four pairs of socks, and a BIG SMILE to keep my spirits high.  Oh, and don't forget to cover your mouth with your scarf at ALL times!  Something I didn't personally do, but saw people doing; carry a thermos with your hot beverage of choice.

Here's some highlights of my trip!  Hope you're toasty warm wherever you are in this great big world!

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