Teachers, how do you know if you've had a successful semester?

You've had a successful semester when it ends with a detailed "KWL" chart!
Today was the last day of the HS Jazz/Tap/Hip-hop class, as year-end finals kick off next week. We celebrated with a hearty breakfast, danced to a student-designed playlist, completed reflections of the student goal sheets and assessed the dance portfolios using rubrics.
I am so proud of these students for their insightful, geniune feedback and for taking responsibility for their learning process. They are intelligent, curious and produce quality work. In particular, I'm excited to see how my two seniors progress next year as they continue on to dance and cheer in college programs.
I'd like to thank my class for their happy spirits, curiosity and motivation to always learn more throughout this entire school year. I know it's not so easy to stretch physically and mentally at 8am everyday. I'm proud to teach such inspiring young ladies. Each and every one of you are so talented and are blessed with a wonderful gift. Keep on dancing and smiling!
<3 Paz. Amor. Felicidad siempre.

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