Meat Free Monday__Asian Style

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a terrific Monday!  Here in Shanghai we were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather and abnormally low pollution!  More on that in a minute..  

First I want to share my TWO Meat Free Monday meals for this week.  I also chose to photograph the meals in a different way for the bean dish, so please give me some feedback!  I'd love to know if it's more helpful to have the pictures as a guide, or just a recipe written out.  I'd like to apologize for including white rice in my MFM meals, but it was all that I have in the house!  I am resisting a trip to the grocery store next to my house, because they are so damn expensive!! I have to wait until the burn from my last purchase there wears off!  Shopping at that market is almost as painful as excessively spending in Neiman Marcus.

With some yummy food in the belly, it was time to get outside this afternoon!

My 6th grade class was especially fun because the students played Frisbee Golf.  The class split into two teams, and each team had to design their own course.  These courses had to be easy enough to score favorably, but hard enough to challenge the other team, when it was the time to switch courses.  Special kudos to the kiddos; my grade 6 group was so cooperative, and displayed really friendly game etiquette to each other, which pleased me greatly!

My intention for you today is to go outside, be still for a moment, and embrace the fact that you are alive; right here, right now.

<3paz. amor. felicidad siempre

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