Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas in Shanghai 2014

Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday and Happy Holidays!   How has your season been, thus far?  Here in Shanghai, I've been lucky to have so many Christmas markets, holiday parties, Christmas brunches, dinners and birthdays to celebrate.  The city is EXPLODING with so much Christmas energy, I'm actually amazed.  This is my fourth Christmas in Shanghai, and I've never seen the city so decorated.  Each store is trying to outdo the others, especially the high-end brands.  Check out the Fendi display across the street from my apartment!  I'll post more pictures when everything is lit up at night.  This shot was taken at 6:50am, while waiting for a taxi to get to work, while the streets were empty and quiet.  The tree is made up of dozens of little Fendi handbags! Woah!

Today I went to the Hongqiao flower market which is a beautiful market year-round, but turns into a BEAUTIFUL winter wonderland during Christmas.  I bought a fresh pine wreath and refrained from buying some of the blooper/leftover items from the factories, like the candle that said "Merr Christma".  I don't know why, but I found it endearing; kinda like Elvis would sound if he wished me holiday greetings.

Continuing with the holiday spirit, today I made these cute Christmas cards, from paper cut outs: