FITZness Friday.. add some novelty to your workout!

Hey everyone!  I am not posting a video workout today, because I am on my way back to Shanghai. I'm actually in the air right now, using the plane's wifi!  How cool is that???

So with 14 hours to kill, I've been playing with some fitness applications that I have downloaded.

One of them is called, "Decide Now".  I give it two thumbs up for both the novelty and the ease of use.  Here's one of the "Wheels of Exercise" I created:

I see this application also being used to create a wheel of healthy after-school snacks for children (maybe they'd be more convinced to eat carrot sticks if the wheel told them to do so), and to create a wheel of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options for the whole family.  I imagine a family's commitment to healthy eating would be greater, if everyone in the family were able to offer their favorite food to the wheel.

So, how do you see yourself using "Decide Now" to address your physical health domain?

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Enjoy your day!

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