Spring, shopping and snacking...

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday!
I don't know about you, but I cannot believe how quickly February has come and gone!
Soon, SPRING will be here!!  I can't wait to eat outside on my patio, take my dog for longer walks, and enjoy warmer days outside!
The morning sun on my commute, trying to warm up the city!

In the meantime, the winter chill means more time spent indoors.  That includes grocery SHOPPING from the comfort of my warm office.  I have to take a moment and shout out Shanghai grocer, "Kate and Kimi".  They have made my life 100% easier here in Shanghai by offering same day grocery delivery and offering the convenience to pay with cash on delivery. 

All I have to do is click what I want from my office in the morning, and then arrive home in the evening to fresh food, waiting to be prepared and eaten.

No more impulsive, expensive purchases at the supermarket, or wasting time waiting on a long line at the cashier, or precariously balancing heavy groceries on my scooter as I ride home in the rain and cold.

Anytime I can automate a chore in my life, I jump at the opportunity!

Here is my order from this week's purchase.
YIKES!  The chia seeds are EXPENSIVE!

I really love the Kate and Kimi webpage for the ease of use.  I love the convenience of clicking "reorder" and voila! A tedious chore is done!
My doggie is eyeballing the yummy food.. He's always looking for bananas to eat!

Do you purchase your groceries online?  Why or why not?  Tell me more in the comments below!

Here is a healthy SNACKING option you can try, conveniently stored in a Mason jar (remember that expensive $10 jar of pasta sauce from this post?  Well, at least I can justify the cost of the sauce by re-using the jar!).  I wasn't really convinced of the necessity of the Mason jar, but now I realize the jar keeps the ingredients from getting soggy, like they would if they were stored in a Tupperware.

#vinaigrette #onions #whitebeans #apple #cucumber #lettuce #meatfree #cleaneating

Well, that's it for today!  Health and happiness to you and yours, wherever you are in this beautiful world!

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