Back to Reality...

Back to work.. Back to reality...
Hi Everyone!  Today I won't be bringing you a Meat Free Monday meal because my cupboards are bare.  I just got back from Vietnam yesterday and I'm slowly getting back into my routine.

I tried to complete my online grocery order while I was still poolside at the hotel, but there was a slight mixup with the delivery time, and now I won't get my groceries until tomorrow.

I wasn't so sad to not have groceries in the house because that gave me an excuse to eat dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, and continue the spirit of my SE Asian vacation.  Plus, I needed to perk up my mood.  The bright colors of the food and restaurant tricked my brain into thinking I was still on a sunny island!

We were hit with a pretty bad thunderstorm last night, and it rained all throughout the day today.  The cold, grey, wet winter is still dragging on.  I don't think I will ever get used to living under a grey sky!

The only thing that makes a rainy day better is fun rain gear.  I love my bright pink Hunter boots, and bright colored scarves to keep the chilly and wet weather away.

The people of this city are very resilient, though.  Rain, snow, sleet or hail cannot stop the 24million+ people of Shanghai from walking to the metro, riding bicycles, and driving scooters in dense traffic.

Four years later, I still marvel at their independence of moving around the city.  I'm especially in awe of the older people, who might normally be restricted to a shut-in lifestyle in a car dependent culture.

It will be really interesting to see how this dynamic changes, as cars become more common here, and replace the other methods of transportation.  For now, the system they have in place seems to work pretty well.

Due to the rain and a large all-school assembly that claimed our teaching spaces, my colleagues and I played fun group games with the students throughout the day.  It's always nice to see students again after a vacation.  I missed their happy and hyper energy!  Like in this case, when someone mysteriously left an Easter rabbit in the supply closet!!

Kids do the funniest things!

So, help a girl out!  What are some tips and tricks you use to get back into your routine after a vacation?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Health and happiness to you and yours, wherever you are in this beautiful world!

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